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Meet the Girls

Fancy V, Cherry Von Ripe and Gypsy La Poser became friends after meeting at a vintage glamour-modelling agency in New York City.

The casting director, Josè, told the girls he thought they were either too petite, too athletic or too curvy.

It seemed at the time, that their dreams of becoming super models were looking rather dim. That night, the girls drowned their sorrows in cocktails and cheesecake. As they laughed and cried, the girls learned how similar their talents really were. They could all place their tongue firmly inside their cheek and sing like sirens, in harmony at the same time! Astounding!

A light bulb went on inside Fancy V's head! She ran to the nearest mountain top. "No way Josè!", she cried out loud. We'll show you and the rest of the world that we can BRING IT!

Suddenly, the heavens opened. The sky exploded with fireworks, balloons and confetti as Dita Von Teese rolled out a three-tiered congratulatory cake with "You have my blessing." inscribed in powder-pink frosting.

The angels rejoiced and LES PIN UPS were born!

The girls sing & dance to popular kick-ass classics from throughout the ages, crossing over genres and transforming modern songs into a "rock 'n' roll /swing Pin Up" style of their very own. Les Pin Ups promise to deliver vintage glamour that's ripe for any occasion.

Our fancy, fun and ever-so entertaining li'l show will sweep you off your feet and keep you howling for more... more... amour



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